Sunday, June 12, 2011

Morgan's poem "UNITY"


The rich don’t want to help the poor
and the poor have nothing to give. 
All the tragedies around the world
and all you are worried about is a birth certificate. 
Can’t get work done with people against us. 
Time to come together and save us. 

Our people are celebrating the death of an evil Muslim man. 
I don’t care what he did.
Life is life,
I won’t be doing what the evil did. 

Politics is such a hard subject to discuss
and honestly sometimes I just want to say I don’t give a fuck. 
But, if I give up on you
I give up on me. 
We are one nation under God,
we are a team. 
We must fight for our American dream.

-Morgan Dodley

1 comment:

  1. I definately feel the frustration with politics that is expressed so well in this poem. The line "But, if I give up on you I give up on me" is particullarly powerful. Keep fighting for your dreams Morgan!