Monday, June 27, 2011


Colors of gloomy

paint I see, of Athena’s

wistful brush and stroke.


Emanating from

the bush, slight lavender aura

of bluebell blossoms.


Often, I hear in

the distance thunder strike off

Neptune’s bejeweled trident.


Driving by lovers

kisses hidden, under red

umbrella winds bend

Monday, June 20, 2011

i dream of bad breath

I dream of bad breath

my breath smells bad

not bad enough to be horrible

but bad enough to be bad

I didn’t brush my teeth today

I did brush my teeth yesterday

like this morning coffee

drunk, right before bed

like a bad dream

30 minn. after you wake up

I am sitting in this white conference

room big as all creation

organizing enumerable poems

my friend has given up this impossible task

or maybe she is done

she instead is writing new poems in crayon

she smiles and waves to me

-Creed Schierman

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hey folks! I am going to post my favorite poem of my creation and it is the I Like to Be Annoying One Day poem. I also revised it so this is the revised version:

I Like To Be Annoying One Day

I like to be a bird one day.
A pigeon flying over a crowded area
and pooping on you.

Or maybe be a parrot,
mimicking everything you say.

I like to be a bird one day.
A goose in the middle of the road
and slowly crossing.

Or maybe be a seagull,
trying to eat your funnel cake.

I like to be a bird one day.
a crow holding onto the branches
cawing loudly while you try to sleep.

Or maybe be a woodpecker,
constantly drumming on your window.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

They Say We'll Burn Forever

They Say We’ll Burn Forever

They say we’ll burn forever.

That our pain will never leave

I’ll burn because I’m lost,

and too stubborn to believe.

Chuck will burn with his soul mate,

who happens to be named Steve.

Katie will burn for her hateful act

of making love to me on the eve

of Christ’s birthday after a dance

and refusing a second chance,

to be gained by confessing,

and asking the lord’s blessing,

over her soul for the scandal that night,

but she’s too proud to bow down to his might.

We’ll all burn forever.

Forever is a long time.

Maroon jumpers, socks pulled knee high

Ironed dress shirts and matching ties

Forced smiles and empty talk

Trapped by judgment as I walk

down the hall naked with no disguise.

Summed up in a second by hateful eyes

For preaching love, there are quite a few

people they seem to despise.

I tell myself they don’t bother me.

I tell a lot of lies.

Sitting in a stuffy church

Being guided on our search

for eternal salvation

and taught to build a nation

of Christ’s followers here on earth.

In this crowded pew

Friends are few

My own view,

Bill’s huge body in front of me.

Shamed, sad shoulders are all I see.

As we kneel,

I stick my head in the aisle

in an attempt to steal

a quick glance of Katie’s smile.

Her lip’s fight back a laugh.

She finds it all funny.

The priest’s stoic voice, this made up path,

how people donate money

to keep it all going.

All their time they give,

as they go on never knowing

What it feels like to live.

I lose my balance and fall on the ground.

Body crashing down in thunderous sound

Catching the eyes of all around

Caught in the spotlight alone

Wondering what next to do

Exploding laughter I should have known

This reaction from her isn’t new.

Her expression one of shock, as if she had thought no one would notice

A thousand turned people now stare

Suddenly she undergoes some sort of transcendental Meiosis

Identical body but now without a care

Contortioned to the calm wisdom of a modern day Moses

with smooth legs, and soft flowing hair.

A deeper truth in her eyes, she gazes at me

People part like the sea,

as she bounds over seat after seat.

A sight to stunned students and teachers

At the back of the hall we meet,

like two heavenly creatures,

come to capture the attention of all.

We’re broken but we don’t fear the fall.

Skipping and whistling to my car.

Transfixed they stare on from afar.

Stopping at the river’s side,

laughing and hugging,

talking and loving,

no longer needing to hide.

Holding hands in the afternoon light

Watching the water flow

softly as we kiss.

Wherever love takes us we’ll go.

THis should be fun

Hey guys this should be fun, glad we have an opportunity to kinda keep class going. Hope everyone is doing well so far.


The Coolest Crime

The Coolest Crime

By: Matthew Kontos

Smoothe the edge against the stone,

Sharp enough to protect.

Say a prayer to the Gods

Cleanse my soul for battle.

The grit and evil among the streets

Shall now lie dormant beneath my feet.

This city is mine,

I protect it for free.

Justice is swift for all those who cross me,

I pass judgment upon them with the swing of my sword.

No light in the sky.

No comics or fame.

The hunt me and hate me,

I’m profiled and studied.

They expect a mask and a name to go by,

But its just my face,

And my totally sweet super awesome ninja reflexes.

Jacci's poem "My Family Room"

My Family Room

At first glance you were my oasis.
An urban myth tasseled in dust.
Tiny toy figurines soiled your edges
of red oak furniture.

Streaming sun shattered
beams of light.  As your paper like
shutters swayed.

Ty bean-like animals posed on
your pink rose’d carpet.

You were caked in black dog hair.
As my memories sprinkled
and held truth to your floor.

Your wooden record player
spilled it’s music of oldie hits.
And my mother’s favorite stations.

I would rock my feet to it’s
beat as my dog found her way
and swizzled next to me.

My feet laid now horizontal.

On holidays your place held
trees, spider like fabric,
turkey statues, and valentine
gue stickers.

Like New York’s Center piece
you flourished with family.
Their babies came as
a shower of light.

When dinner came your chairs
never matched and chaos
echoed in your small room.

And during night you
shivered with a cool chill

Your blinds were sometimes
opened, and this was where
I peaked.

I’d look out into the night’s sky
and listen to rain as it
spurred around,
down to the ground...

As I thought of stories,
of the lonely creatures.
All of them, or maybe just one,
trying to find themselves

down a broken path.

On weekends you were
my treasure map,
the ocean, the forest,
or my pretending space.

Yet you never enclosed
my imagination against
your plain white walls.

You filled me with what
I’m missing now...

A place I know
as home.

- Jacqueline Baumann

Morgan's poem "UNITY"


The rich don’t want to help the poor
and the poor have nothing to give. 
All the tragedies around the world
and all you are worried about is a birth certificate. 
Can’t get work done with people against us. 
Time to come together and save us. 

Our people are celebrating the death of an evil Muslim man. 
I don’t care what he did.
Life is life,
I won’t be doing what the evil did. 

Politics is such a hard subject to discuss
and honestly sometimes I just want to say I don’t give a fuck. 
But, if I give up on you
I give up on me. 
We are one nation under God,
we are a team. 
We must fight for our American dream.

-Morgan Dodley

Esther's poem "The Well"

The Well

In a small town perched in the
middle of a city and another
small town was my home. A Town
where everyone knew their neighbor.
Drobo-an unexplainable name was this
town’s and its people’s kindness. 

After school was fun to play
to fetch water was to be done.
on the way to the well was gossip
central. Holding a pan in one hand
while the other hold the round rug(kashire)
going to the well was to catch up
with friends, hear about the new
guy in class or who got embarrassed
that day.  Carrying something to fetch
was always a must. Mango, packed
in a bag was the appetizer.

Crooked narrow road leading up
to the well.  Rocks and hills peaking
at my feet-acheampong leaves grazing
at my knee.  Going at sunrise to come
home at sunset.  Small open caves of
nature were for lover’s kisses, hide-and-
seeks and shaded relaxations.

Waiting for my turn was a time to play
ampe or double-dutch. Taking a nap is always
a fun option. Just keep one eye open in case
 mother dashes in, in anger. The other eye
opened to keep my annoying pranking sibling
 at bay. It’ time to go home. carrying the pan
 full of water like a majestic matron.

Trying not to spill or trip – I step cautiously.
Remembrance hit of the hidden palm–kennel
 that I’d forgotten. I let go for tomorrow.

Another day for laughs and gossips.
Another day for forgotten palm-kennel.
Another day for fun recreations.
Another day at the well.

Esther appiah

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Hi you all, and hope many of you will be joining the blog so we can stay in touch.

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