Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jacci's poem "My Family Room"

My Family Room

At first glance you were my oasis.
An urban myth tasseled in dust.
Tiny toy figurines soiled your edges
of red oak furniture.

Streaming sun shattered
beams of light.  As your paper like
shutters swayed.

Ty bean-like animals posed on
your pink rose’d carpet.

You were caked in black dog hair.
As my memories sprinkled
and held truth to your floor.

Your wooden record player
spilled it’s music of oldie hits.
And my mother’s favorite stations.

I would rock my feet to it’s
beat as my dog found her way
and swizzled next to me.

My feet laid now horizontal.

On holidays your place held
trees, spider like fabric,
turkey statues, and valentine
gue stickers.

Like New York’s Center piece
you flourished with family.
Their babies came as
a shower of light.

When dinner came your chairs
never matched and chaos
echoed in your small room.

And during night you
shivered with a cool chill

Your blinds were sometimes
opened, and this was where
I peaked.

I’d look out into the night’s sky
and listen to rain as it
spurred around,
down to the ground...

As I thought of stories,
of the lonely creatures.
All of them, or maybe just one,
trying to find themselves

down a broken path.

On weekends you were
my treasure map,
the ocean, the forest,
or my pretending space.

Yet you never enclosed
my imagination against
your plain white walls.

You filled me with what
I’m missing now...

A place I know
as home.

- Jacqueline Baumann

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  1. Really love this poem Jacci. I can relate to so many of your poems so much. I love the story-like tone you have, and your imagery is always fantastic.