Sunday, June 12, 2011

Esther's poem "The Well"

The Well

In a small town perched in the
middle of a city and another
small town was my home. A Town
where everyone knew their neighbor.
Drobo-an unexplainable name was this
town’s and its people’s kindness. 

After school was fun to play
to fetch water was to be done.
on the way to the well was gossip
central. Holding a pan in one hand
while the other hold the round rug(kashire)
going to the well was to catch up
with friends, hear about the new
guy in class or who got embarrassed
that day.  Carrying something to fetch
was always a must. Mango, packed
in a bag was the appetizer.

Crooked narrow road leading up
to the well.  Rocks and hills peaking
at my feet-acheampong leaves grazing
at my knee.  Going at sunrise to come
home at sunset.  Small open caves of
nature were for lover’s kisses, hide-and-
seeks and shaded relaxations.

Waiting for my turn was a time to play
ampe or double-dutch. Taking a nap is always
a fun option. Just keep one eye open in case
 mother dashes in, in anger. The other eye
opened to keep my annoying pranking sibling
 at bay. It’ time to go home. carrying the pan
 full of water like a majestic matron.

Trying not to spill or trip – I step cautiously.
Remembrance hit of the hidden palm–kennel
 that I’d forgotten. I let go for tomorrow.

Another day for laughs and gossips.
Another day for forgotten palm-kennel.
Another day for fun recreations.
Another day at the well.

Esther appiah

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